Lyric and Chord Guitar Hoobastank – Running Away

AmLyric and Chord Guitar Hoobastank - Running Away
I don’t want you, to give it all up
F                  Em
Live your own life collecting dust
and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me
F            Em
you never gave us a chance to be

and i don’t need you to be by my side
F                  Em
to tell me that everythings is all right
I just wanted you to tell me the truth
F            Em
You know i do that for you

Am  G  C    Dm          F                      C   G
So why are you running away?
Am  G  C    Dm          F              C   G
Why are you running away?

Cause I did enought to show you that I
F            Em
Was wiling to give and sacrifice
And I was the one who was lifting you up
F                   Em
When you thought your life had had enought
When I get close, you turn away
F                  Em
There’s nothing that I can do or say
And now I need you, tell me the truth
F          Em
you know I’d do that for you

isn’t me (isn’t me)
Isn’t you (isn’t you)
Nothing that I can do

Em           D             F    G
to make you, change your mind
is it a….waste the time?

Isn’t me, isn’t you
Nothing that, I can do
Am             Dm      F       G    Am
to make you, change your mind, nooooo


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